Redwood Growth is a private investment firm formed to buy a single growing and profitable company from a seller looking to pass on the torch. The Founder (Arun Shekar) is also a prior entrepreneur and is seeking to ensure business continuity with minimal disruption. The priority is to nurture the business onto its next phase of growth and create a lasting legacy by enhancing the brand and innovating on existing products, all with a focus to create a positive impact in our customers’ and employees’ lives.



Arun is a prior entrepreneur with experience in building a business backed by an investment team with a strong entrepreneurial background. Our objective is to run a reputable business for the long run. Having run our own businesses, we understand and value the financial and personal investment you have put into your business. We promise a seamless quick sale process along with a long term growth of your business’ legacy and reputation over the years.



Arun is a prior entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in Technology, eCommerce, Logistics, and Professional Services; from long-term strategy to day-to-day operations. This experience is reinforced with an understanding that running a business is more than managing numbers, and that it is also about retaining talented employees and nurturing customer relationships. Redwood Growth is supported by a proven board of advisors and investors.


Arun Shekar